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Schertler Giulia (Anthracite)

10/19/2018 05:53:16 PM: European made micro amp with a lot of power and tone in a little package!

View Item: Schertler Giulia (Anthracite)

2011 Dupont Nomade

10/19/2018 01:30:34 PM: Great deal on one of our best selling guitars!

View Item: 2011 Dupont Nomade

2018 Dupont MD50 (Cedar Top)

10/19/2018 12:24:41 PM: A cedar top variation of Dupont's most famous guitar!

View Item: 2018 Dupont MD50 (Cedar Top)

2017 Dupont MD50

10/19/2018 10:52:04 AM: The classic! Played by nearly every Gypsy guitarist over the last 20 years.

View Item: 2017 Dupont MD50

Djangojazz Pick Model E "Romino Django" Ivory 5mm

10/19/2018 09:12:51 AM: Nicely beveled 5mm pick, handmade in Holland.

View Item: Djangojazz Pick Model E "Romino Django" Ivory 5mm

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