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2018 Holo Traditional

10/23/2018 03:51:48 PM: Old school Selmer tone and projection for those who want to party like it's 1939!

View Item: 2018 Holo Traditional

2018 Jean Barault

10/23/2018 03:46:58 PM: Own the guitar used by greats such as Stochelo, Bireli, Angelo, Tchavolo, and Dorado!

View Item: 2018 Jean Barault

2018 Selmer Transitional Model Replica

10/23/2018 02:51:34 PM: Meticulous replica of the legendary model played by Django!

View Item: 2018 Selmer Transitional Model Replica

Dupont DR Tailpiece

10/23/2018 10:26:09 AM: Dupont DR Tailpiece

View Item: Dupont DR Tailpiece

Altamira Model M

10/23/2018 09:58:35 AM: The most bang for the buck of any Gypsy guitar available!

View Item: Altamira Model M

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