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Usher Abell Jazz Violin Solos

12/17/2018 01:43:16 PM: A swinging collection of 11 great foot-taping jazz violin solos with piano accompaniment. Selection include Darktown Strutter’s Ball; Ballin’ the Jack; and St. Louis Blues. 28 p.

View Item: Usher Abell Jazz Violin Solos

2014 Jean Barault

12/17/2018 09:42:34 AM: Own the guitar used by greats such as Stochelo, Bireli, Tchavolo, and Dorado!

View Item: 2014 Jean Barault

1950s Busato D Hole

12/17/2018 09:31:32 AM: Arguably the most collectible Busato ever!

View Item: 1950s Busato D Hole

2017 AJL Model 503 XO ***NEW PRICE***

12/16/2018 09:00:18 PM: Nordic builder's top model with a heat treated top and vintage hardware!

View Item: 2017 AJL Model 503 XO ***NEW PRICE***

1949 Selmer Petite Bouche #786

12/15/2018 09:23:09 AM: Vintage Selmer in astounding condition!

View Item: 1949 Selmer Petite Bouche #786

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