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Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1

05/21/2018 08:56:02 AM: This songbook contains Django Reinhardt compositions, Gypsy jazz standards, and Pearl Django originals for instrumentalists of any skill level.

View Item: Pearl Django Play-Along Songbook Vol.1

1940s Busato Modele #44 ***NEW PRICE***

05/17/2018 06:12:08 PM: Rare walnut version of Busato's legendary model!

View Item: 1940s Busato Modele #44 ***NEW PRICE***

2016 Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian

05/17/2018 06:11:40 PM: Dupont's flagship guitar with gorgeous Brazilian back and sides.

View Item: 2016 Dupont Vieille Reserve Brazilian

Schertler Unico Acoustic Amplifier (Wood)

05/17/2018 02:59:03 PM: UNICO is unique - the perfect amp to reproduce the sound of any acoustic instrument or voice. Every one of its components, from preamplifiers to loudspeakers, has been designed for natural and accurate response. UNICO s circuitry is designed like th...

View Item: Schertler Unico Acoustic Amplifier (Wood)

1950s Carbonell

05/17/2018 02:35:35 PM: Here's a chance to own a guitar with great vintage mojo that is not just a great sounding instrument, but a fashion statement as well!

View Item: 1950s Carbonell

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