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Eastman AR805CE-SB Uptown Archtop

08/15/2018 07:53:45 PM: Premium archtop with a carved top and a Kent Armstrong pickup!

View Item: Eastman AR805CE-SB Uptown Archtop

Eastman AR580CE-HB

08/15/2018 07:48:37 PM: Wonderful archtop guitar with a rare Honeyburst finish!

View Item: Eastman AR580CE-HB

2017 Dupont MD100

08/14/2018 03:10:30 PM: Classic Dupont sound for less! Rare quilted mahogany model.

View Item: 2017 Dupont MD100

2012 Dupont MDC100

08/14/2018 03:09:46 PM: Save on this pristine example. Rare quilted mahogany model!

View Item: 2012 Dupont MDC100

1950s Antoine Di Mauro Saint Louis Blues

08/14/2018 02:54:34 PM: One of the classic models from the illustrious Di Mauro family.

View Item: 1950s Antoine Di Mauro Saint Louis Blues

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