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2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B D Hole

08/13/2018 04:08:08 PM: Well balanced, versatile guitar built in Spain!

View Item: 2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B D Hole

2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B

08/13/2018 04:05:03 PM: Fine sounding instrument from one of Spain's best luthiers.

View Item: 2018 Geronimo Mateos Jazz B

Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick (Lefty)

08/11/2018 03:29:30 PM: The original "Wegen" Gypsy Guitar pick. 3.5mm thick, 30mm long, 26mm wide. Beveled for left handed players (or right handed players who invert the pick).

View Item: Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick (Lefty)

Wegen Twins Pick (Lefty)

08/11/2018 11:19:18 AM: Same thickness as the Gypsyjazz but smaller over all dimensions. Provides better control with out losing tone. Seems to work nicely on shorter scale guitars. 27.5 mm long, 23.3 mm wide, 3.5 mm thick. (two per pack). White.

View Item: Wegen Twins Pick (Lefty)

2018 Jean Barault Brazilian

08/10/2018 03:35:17 PM: Own the guitar used by greats such as Stochelo, Bireli, Tchavolo, and Dorado!

View Item: 2018 Jean Barault Brazilian

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