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Christophe Astolfi – Astuces de la guitare Manouche Vol.3 (Musette Waltz Collection)

Christophe Astolfi – Astuces de la guitare Manouche Vol.3 (Musette Waltz Collection)
8 classic musette waltzes in standard notation and TAB

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "News" on 07/20/2017 at 05:30 PM.

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RE: Diminished Chords

Interesting thread Ok Let me be the first to suggest a three chord tune to work with Im going to tease you a little bit This three chord song was written in 1833 by English composer Thomas Haynes Ba...

Posted by Lango-Django on 09/19/2017 at 05:10 AM.

DjangoFest NW

Nobody here is talking much about DjangoFest NW which starts tomorrow Anyone going Ill be there Saturday only and will bring that guitar conversion that I described last year in this forum if anyone ...

Posted by cbwim on 09/19/2017 at 03:56 AM.

RE: Help for refinishing Rudy Larna

Ive refinished two guitars I would recommend you to learn how to use scraper how to sharpen it etc Im sure theres lot of videos in youtube If the guitar doesnt have super thin top then its pretty easy...

Posted by bluetrain on 09/19/2017 at 12:07 AM.

RE: Diminished Chords

El Sal wrote I guess youre talking about dumbing down harmony If so I do this a lot for improvisational purposes Also for applying my own changes substitutions over certain progressions tonal piece...

Posted by NylonDave on 09/18/2017 at 06:22 PM.

RE: Diminished Chords

Hi Wim I chose A because most people associate A minor with C major and not Bbb minor I have a degree in music and whatnot and got full marks for the last harmony exam I sat But those are not portabl...

Posted by NylonDave on 09/18/2017 at 06:10 PM.

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