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1934 Gibson L-5

1934 Gibson L-5
The legendary model that changed jazz guitar history!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 08/16/2018 at 03:08 PM.

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RE: Holding the pick; Feedback

Ive heard that referred to as the Honey lick And it is fundamental to bebop vocabulary I use it way too much It is a great harmonic mechanism you just kind of have to figure out how to work it

Posted by vanmalmsteen on 08/16/2018 at 09:14 PM.

RE: Holding the pick; Feedback

Dm triad DFA is 9 11 13 over the C7

Posted by jeffmatz on 08/16/2018 at 06:34 PM.

RE: Moreno, an hour to look at his right hand.

Wow love it Thanks

Posted by Bones on 08/16/2018 at 04:52 PM.

RE: Holding the pick; Feedback

Yeah that phrase is a II V over Gm7 and C7 2 beats each and the tonic key is F Look at the chart and see how the phrases fit over the chords

Posted by Bones on 08/16/2018 at 04:45 PM.

RE: Looking for Constructive Criticism of My Rhythm Playing

Your biggest mistake is that in the swing tune youre playing albeit very slow for a swing tune there are 8 beats on a chord before you change to the next chord Youre only pressing down on the fret boa...

Posted by bohemewarbler on 08/16/2018 at 04:20 PM.

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