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2018 Holo Traditional

2018 Holo Traditional
Old school Selmer tone and projection for those who want to party like it’s 1939!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 03/15/2018 at 02:02 PM.

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RE: Favorite easy-going gypsy jazz songs?

For upbeat feel-good songs rather than just tunes in the GJ canon I have a particular soft spot for Jattendrai Mnilmontant and Blue Skies Interestingly in performances by French luminaries Trenet Azna...

Posted by Pompier on 03/23/2018 at 11:19 AM.

RE: Favorite easy-going gypsy jazz songs?

Buco wrote Please be Kind Someday Youll be Sorry Hmm sounds like a threat

Posted by epsdude on 03/23/2018 at 09:07 AM.

RE: Favorite easy-going gypsy jazz songs?

Swing 39 I play it with Bb major tonality although Ive seen the grille written with G minor I prefer the major

Posted by Bones on 03/23/2018 at 09:04 AM.

RE: Favorite easy-going gypsy jazz songs?

R Vingt-six Sweet Georgia Brown

Posted by lewischang88 on 03/23/2018 at 09:01 AM.

RE: DPA 4099 guitar mic with amp help!

Where are you trying to use the DPA if it is not in a concert environment or relatively quiet venue you will still have feedback issues

Posted by Scoredog on 03/23/2018 at 08:31 AM.

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