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New at DjangoBooks.com

New at DjangoBooks.com
Season’s Greetings Gypsy jazzers! Here’s what’s new at DjangoBooks.com: New Guitars 2017 Geronimo Mateos Special Chorus 2017 Geronimo Mateos Monmartre D Hole 2017 Geronimo Mateos Monmartre Oval Hole 1940s Di Mauro Special Chorus de Luxe 2017 Dupont MD50 Dupont 2009 MDC50E 1998 Dupont MD50 1996 Dupont MD50 1988 Benedetto Fratello 1950s Gypsy Mystery F Hole […]

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "News" on 12/08/2017 at 04:35 PM.

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Should I trust a Guitar Center luthier with my guitar?

I know an old buddy who is a manager at guitar center he said he could get me a friend price on some luthier repair work for my Gitane DG-300 that needs some levelcrownpolish precision fretwork done t...

Posted by WarnerB138 on 12/10/2017 at 03:42 PM.

RE: WWDjD: Nuits De St-Germain-Des-Prés

My apologies for jumping in again but I revised my original idea because I heard a few slides to the note in those arpeggios that my initial fingering couldnt accomplish And for the sake of that one v...

Posted by Buco on 12/10/2017 at 02:24 PM.

RE: The Idiomatiques and My Gypsy Jazz Journey Blog Part Trois (nu cd sample)

Yeah this fire is nuts Basically zombie apocalypse around here Wear ur N95 face mask if you are outside and keep ur doors and windows closed tight to keep the smoke out

Posted by Bones on 12/10/2017 at 12:46 PM.

RE: Minor Swing Youtube Covers

Oh cool which video does he do the 1937 solo I didnt really look for it can you post a link Thanks

Posted by Bones on 12/10/2017 at 12:44 PM.

Altamira M01 Antique

Hi A beautiful looking playing and sounding Altamira M01 Antique It has had the full treatment custom rosewood bridge fret dress etcplays perfectly In mint condition Happy to throw in 2 sets of Arg...

Posted by Yellowhorse on 12/10/2017 at 12:41 PM.

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