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2017 Geronimo Mateos Special Chorus

2017 Geronimo Mateos Special Chorus
Spain’s most revered builder pays tribute to this classic Di Mauro model!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 12/13/2017 at 03:19 PM.

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Dallas Baumgartner USA tour

Just a heads up Ted Gottsegen will be bringing Dallas Baumgartner stateside to make his American debut this summer So far the Cleveland show with the Dallas Baumgartner Quartet is confirmed for the Ea...

Posted by Andrew Ulle on 01/20/2018 at 08:25 PM.

RE: Christiaan van Hemert’s recent videos and Patreon page

Good call Signed up for monthly donations

Posted by Brad Herman on 01/20/2018 at 06:39 PM.

RE: Christiaan van Hemert’s recent videos and Patreon page

Yup Christian is working his ass off He has a real interesting perspective as both a master musician and a relative newcomer to guitar Makes him both relatable and reliable He even has a video on arra...

Posted by NylonDave on 01/20/2018 at 03:24 PM.

RE: Gypsy Jazz Club in SF Bay Area

Any reviews of feedback appreciated

Posted by jonpowl on 01/20/2018 at 03:17 PM.

RE: Workshop gypsy jazz with Aurelien Bouly 1 WEEK !FULL BOARD PACKAGE ! IN FRANCE starting 465$


Posted by Aurélien on 01/20/2018 at 11:34 AM.

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