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From the DjangoBooks Blog...

Just Arrived: 1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole!

Just Arrived: 1950s Joseph Di Mauro Heart Hole!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 01/08/2019 at 06:03 PM.

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RE: MJS Godefroy Maruejouls For Sale (Ebay Listing)

My new Maruejouls guitar arrived yesterday I have to say its a blinder and I definitely got it at a bargain price I have included some pics from the ebay listing and I have to say they dont do it just...

Posted by crookedpinky on 01/17/2019 at 01:54 AM.

RE: Django in June 2019

Already signed up

Posted by cavemusic on 01/16/2019 at 08:56 PM.

RE: Footage of Django with archtop.

Haha yeah gives us the right to be self-righteously wrong - Wim looks like you struck a nerve-

Posted by Bones on 01/16/2019 at 08:19 PM.

RE: Footage of Django with archtop.

is likely a bit of hyperbole and exaggeration that North Americans are so fond of using in casual speech We tell it like it is Having saved the free world from tyranny gives us that right

Posted by plexi69 on 01/16/2019 at 05:14 PM.

RE: Where to get "Gypsy Picking" in Europe?

Fuck just ordered my Altamira m01f there Will make a forum post about that demoing the sound etc Thanks guys

Posted by Feruza2134 on 01/16/2019 at 01:26 PM.

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