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1975 Jacques Favino Modele #10

1975 Jacques Favino Modele #10
Pristine example from Favino’s “Golden Period!”

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 10/13/2017 at 04:03 PM.

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RE: Danielle DARRIEUX died today aged 100 years.

Yes indeed quite remarkable

Posted by Jazzaferri on 10/19/2017 at 07:15 AM.

RE: Club St Germain

This is available in the Fremeaux integrale n19 but thanks for the reminder And just for info they are missing a reference on INA the tune that starts at 15mn is Air Mail Special

Posted by PapsPier on 10/19/2017 at 05:21 AM.

Club St Germain

I found this report at Club St Germain with DR speaking I did not remember of having heard it previously httpwwwinafraudioPHD85017108 Best Franois

Posted by François RAVEZ on 10/19/2017 at 04:15 AM.

Danielle DARRIEUX died today aged 100 years.

After the recent death of Lo Marjane at 104 it is now another witness of Djangos epoque Danielle DARRIEUX who died today at exactly 100 It is remarkable how these women had an exceptionnal longevity ...

Posted by François RAVEZ on 10/19/2017 at 04:13 AM.

RE: Al Bowlly's guitar

tomcunn wrote Al Bowlly also did a version of Guilty which was used in the film Amelie it is a tune that was done in a beautiful version by a sometime poster on this forum What a wonderful song...

Posted by klaatu on 10/19/2017 at 04:05 AM.

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