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1940s Busato Modele #44

1940s Busato Modele #44
The classic model in breathtaking condition!

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 05/22/2017 at 03:12 PM.

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Looking for a guitar to buy!

Im looking for a guitar to buy Please let me know if you have one for sale Gitane Dg-300 or similar could do and otherwise Im looking for a luthier-build guitar Comment here or send me an email on je...

Posted by jensmolander on 05/30/2017 at 12:23 AM.

RE: Epiphone Triumph Archtop at DIJ

I agree A lot of vintage Epiphone guitars are the last good deal left comparably undervalued next to Gibson Same thing in the flat top acoustic compared to Martin I wish

Posted by Buco on 05/29/2017 at 09:52 AM.

"Donna Lee" Adrien Moignard & Benoit Convert

Hi guys does anyone out dare have or dare to finish the tab for the cover that these 2 guitar monsters did for Donna LeeSomeone started out a transcription in Soundslice but never ended it up httpsw...

Posted by Josechiky on 05/28/2017 at 11:06 PM.

Busato at the Giro d'Italia

In addition to some fine luthiers the Busato family has some world class cyclists as well

Posted by MichaelHorowitz on 05/28/2017 at 09:16 PM.

RE: Epiphone Triumph Archtop at DIJ

A great many people do not realize that Epiphone was not always Gibsons budget brand They were in fact Gibsons biggest rival in guitars in the 30s and 40s A lot of people myself included consider the ...

Posted by klaatu on 05/28/2017 at 07:27 PM.

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