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1975 Jacques Favino Modele #10

1975 Jacques Favino Modele #10
Pristine example from Favino’s “Golden Period!”

Posted by Michael Horowitz in "Guitars" on 10/13/2017 at 04:03 PM.

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Share your practice routine!

Hey everyone As someone fairly new to gypsy jazz Ive spent a decent amount of time going through old posts here and elsewhere reading about peoples practice routines and focus areas For someone like...

Posted by Brad Herman on 10/17/2017 at 10:46 AM.

RE: Pain due to inadequate guitar or wrong technique?

Hey Pap do you have any issues with your hands or arms not related to playing music Like carpel tunnel from too much work at the keyboard I have lots of issues already with my joints like tendinitis...

Posted by Bones on 10/17/2017 at 09:52 AM.

RE: Pain due to inadequate guitar or wrong technique?

Thank you everybody for your answers I really appreciate it I will record a video and Ill link it here as soon as I get WiFi I recently moved what angle should I place the camera on Jazzaferri wrote...

Posted by Papablo_CP on 10/17/2017 at 09:14 AM.

RE: Techniques for hollowing out the bridge?

Thanks That does help a lot I have been going over it in my head and I think I have come up with a jig that will do it on the drill press instead that might allow for more consistency It will definit...

Posted by Joshl-m on 10/17/2017 at 06:26 AM.

RE: Pain due to inadequate guitar or wrong technique?

NylonDave wrote Most guitarist hold the plectrum too hard and stiffen their whole body with it I dont know about most guitarists but it is true that very little tension is required in holding the...

Posted by klaatu on 10/17/2017 at 04:03 AM.

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