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Thoughts On Becoming A Better Gypsy Jazz Guitarist – Part I

Thoughts On Becoming A Better Gypsy Jazz Guitarist – Part I
by Barry Wahrhaftig It’s fair to say that most of us are constantly working at becoming better players. We think about the subject often, and it may be a bit of an obsession at times. I’m going to cover some general and specific ideas that I hope will be helpful to players at all levels. […]

Posted by Barry Wahrhaftig in "Free Lessons" on 10/12/2018 at 08:48 PM.

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RE: Rhythm critiques, please

No I get thatvideo is pretty limited but I think this gives a pretty good idea of what I sound like--and I think your criticism is pretty on because those are some of the things Im still a bit unsure ...

Posted by jeffmatz on 10/20/2018 at 11:39 AM.

RE: Eastman Gypsy Guitars Coming

Yup what Chris said is a big reason why I build my own stuff guitars boats houses so I can try whatever the heck I want - If you want custom work it is expensive to hire someone to build you a one o...

Posted by Bones on 10/20/2018 at 11:13 AM.

RE: Composing

Buco wrote Another thing maybe its a tip and maybe it doesnt make sense at all but what I try is to pick from the same cluster of notes even when the changes are not necessarily lending themselves ...

Posted by Elí Saúl on 10/20/2018 at 10:58 AM.

RE: Composing

Scoredog wrote Jazzaferri wrote Paul Hindemith The Craft of Music Composition Rimsky-Korsakov Principles of Orchestration Sammy Nestico The Complete Arranger These books are fine books but...

Posted by Elí Saúl on 10/20/2018 at 10:53 AM.

RE: Bay Area - Gypsy Swing Club in Los Gatos Oct. 27 - transit

Hey Everett Ill message you with some contact details Cheers Neil

Posted by trumbology on 10/20/2018 at 09:53 AM.

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