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New Altamira TD Snippet and Impressions

ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
Just to let you guys know I have a beta here of the new TD Altamira. It feels like a bargain. 1499 street price for the TD-B

Here is a snippet. I added a bit of verb on the lead, rhythm is dry.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/fgawk569824ue72/Dream of You.mov?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR3KoFxMjq94GozmUCAwbRc6tQLPwNgNL3zajk-XVXm4mEVhL5Z3JHyr19E
BucoJim Kaznoskypickitjohnrichter4208vanmalmsteenNylonDave


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