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  • jonpowl 11:53AM
  • richter4208 11:53AM

So...did this to my bridge...



  • And they put 5 times margin, that's hilarious.
    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
  • The bottom of those notches should be close to (maybe 2/1000" wider) than the string that rests in the notch. Also, the angle of the bottom of the notch should roughly split the difference of the angle of the string over the fretboard/body and the angle of the string from the bridge to the tailpiece. That allows for solid contact between the bottom of the slot and the string which will prevent the after-length of the string from vibrating. Check out this photo which pictures the filing an electric guitar nut. It's the same principle at the bridge *split the difference of the two planes with the nut slotting file.
    image.png 49.4K
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