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Jazz Manouche in Mexico

Elí SaúlElí Saúl Toluca, Mexico.New Dell'Arte DG-H2
in International Posts: 99
Greetigs to everyone, My name is Saúl and i'm quite new to the whole GJ/JM world.

I live in Toluca, State of Mexico and i been wondering if there are others around the area who are interested in the genre, as a Jazz enthusiast i've always been eager to learn and Jam with others.

Unfortunately there's not really much people i've met who are into the genre and are available to do some jamming, so if anyone is interested or knows where i can jam with others don't hesitate to contact me :)

Also i wanted to share with you all a little improvisation over Troublant Bolero, can only hope some of you like it!


  • juandererjuanderer HoustonNew Manouche Latcho Drom Djangology Koa
    Posts: 69
    Cool impro!

    The only person that's been active lately that I've noticed is in Mexico is BluesBop Harry from DF (not too close, but not too far from Toluca). He plays with a group (Hot Club of Mexico) so he might be able to put you in contact with other people. Harry
  • Elí SaúlElí Saúl Toluca, Mexico.New Dell'Arte DG-H2
    Posts: 99
    Cheers! i'll try to contact him!
  • jonpowljonpowl Santa Cruz, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Cigano GJ-10
    Posts: 541
    I have heard that somebody is making GJ guitars in Guadalajara. Of course, Hermosillo isn't close to where you are, but they seem to have an active jazz/gypsy jazz scene, and I think it was him who mentioned the GDL luthier.
  • Elí SaúlElí Saúl Toluca, Mexico.New Dell'Arte DG-H2
    edited August 2016 Posts: 99
    I see, i've been aware of Guadalajara's luthiers. I've seen and played a few of their guitars and i can say they're totally awesome and top quality although i'm not sure if they use the correct blueprints for their construction; they do have that "dark" tone you would look for on this guitars, i was making arrangements to buy one for myself this month but i got an offer for a Dell'Arte DG-H2 at $212 dollars and im pretty happy with it. Maybe i'll save for one of theirs in the future.

    I had no idea about hermosillo, thanks for the info, it is far but who knows where music can take me :)
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