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AJL Gustav Lundgren signature Model for sale!

I have played this guitar since 2005 and i´ts a killer! You can here it on some of the Hot Club de Suede CD´s with Andreas Öberg and also on "Django Project vol 1" and "vol 2" and also on my new CD Gustav Lundgren Plays Django Reinhardt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3RJe1O16FQ
Now i have a new one coming from AJL and I would like to sell this to a fellow lefty out there. I live in Madrid. My email <!-- e --><a href="mailto:gustav@jazz.se">gustav@jazz.se</a><!-- e -->
Here is another video with the guitar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Prttrace5Dk

The Gustav Lundgren Ebony D-hole is a slight exception from the old Selmer concept. In terms of sound, black D-hole is based on the Standard Model-Jazz guitar, producing lots of volume in combination with a crisp high-end.
The guitar has a 670 mm oval-hole scale-length, allowing 14 frets clear from the body. It has a laminated body with a black ebony veneer on the outside and a "flame" stripe in the middle of the back. Brown "abalone" imitation is used on the rosette, tuners and tailpiece.

The price i´m asking is 2600€
Gustav Lundgren (guitar), Founder of Hot Club de Suede. He’s endorsed by AJL-Guitars (signature model http://www.ajl-guitars.com/custom.html ), AK picks, B-Band, Eastman Guitars and AER.


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