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When Transcribing

Swing 69Swing 69 ScotlandNew
edited June 2009 in Licks and Patterns Posts: 81
a Django solo, how do you guys go about it?
I'm just through the first 32 bars of his solo on Chicago and have worked out the second 16 bars(approx) of the 32, in 2 different ways.

This came about from first transcribing it, then i thought the patterns and shapes made more sense when i altered where i played it on the neck.
I have also been playing it with two fingers, to see what felt right and what would be the most likely position that Django played it.
Both positions seem equally manageable although the second position seems more likely and also similar to movements in other transcriptions I've done from his solos.
So, this definitely helps in learning the fretboard and I also feel the 2 finger approach gives a certain sound and somewhat simplifies things, making things less cluttered.
How do you guys go about this process?
At the end of the day, it's the same notes 2,3 or 4 fingers etc etc but I'm interested to know as I'm doing this more and more now and have chucked the books.....All apart from Gypsy rhythm, picking, Dennis's DVD's etc.


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