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Review of Gypsy Rhythm

kidtulsakidtulsa New
edited August 2007 in Gypsy Rhythm Posts: 61
Hey Folks,
Preaching to the choir I know, but I wanted to add my two cents. Having received the book last week, I've spent a few hours a day going through the excercises and examples and have to say that this book is such a great resource for anyone interested in Hot Club style or rhythm playing in general, regardless of level. It's clearly written, encouraging, and comphrehensive without being overly technical. I'd say one of it's strongest suits is the way in which the examples are used to flesh out an idea from a number of perspectives, allowing you to connect the dots yourself in a way that gives flexibility in your understanding. It certainly makes it easier to put them into context and to get you using them very quickly. Plus, you get a fancy new callous from all the new pesky thumb chords you'll be learning, which will never fail to impress. All-in-all, a tremendously important addition to the genre -- I'm suggesting all of my students get a copy. Great work, Michael!


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