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Descending patterns and G to D string downstrokes

jimvencejimvence Austin, TX✭✭
edited December 2011 in Technique Posts: 73

I seem to be stuck in the goal to improve my downstroke, rest/stroke technique, particularly
over descending patterns. When I play descending licks or patterns moving from the high E
towards the low E string, I seem to have a particular issue in moving from the G to the D
string (third to fourth string), when I try to execute a fast pattern at speed. In other
words, I seem to be able to move from high E to B, then B to G strings with the first stroke
being a downstroke, but by the time I move from the G to the D strings, it seems much
harder to start the note on the D string without using an upstroke.

Has anyone else noticed this -- where it seems more difficult to start with the upstroke descending
from G to D string, as opposed to moving from high E to B, B to G, D to Am etc?

Of course, as I type this, I realize I could conduct a test by running a pattern starting on a different
string - for example, if I start a descending riff on a B string, does the problem "shift" to where the downstroke is a challenge on the D to A string...and right now I am not near a guitar to test ;0)

Anyway, any experience with particular challenges would be helpful. I am basically trying to
determine if I just stick to and work to get 100% execution on every first stroke on a new string
is a downstroke, or I accept this as an exception, where I can use an upstroke in a descending
G to D string pattern.
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