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Blues (1940)

alphrzalphrz New
edited October 2011 in Repertoire Posts: 5
Hi all,

I'm a recent newcomer to the world of Gypsy jazz. I found about Django through my guitar teacher and decided to take on a piece for assessment. I was able to procure the "Django Reinhardt Anthology", and found it had all the notation I needed. My problem was that musical notation is certainly not my strong suit! So I knuckled it out with my sequencer (Guitar Pro 5) and converted the notation to tab as best I could.

I wanted to check the fingers and frets were the same. I'm confident it's mostly right but I'm unsure while learning about some of the fingerings. I know Django was well know for using some odd fingerings, but I don't want to be playing it unless it's correct.

What better than to ask the experts? :D
If we could get the version 100% I'm sure it will help many people learn the song guitar and share the love. See the PDF attachment for the version I transcribed.

Note: It's not Blues en Minor, it's the 1940 recording from Paris I believe. So many version make it very confusing


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