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versatile guitarist with special technique - Peter Luha

pitupitu New
edited July 2013 in Welcome
Hi people. ;)

I'm a guitar player from Slovakia and a big fan of gypsy jazz, although I like and play a lot of guitar styles and techniques. But my playing is certainly influenced by gypsy jazz. You can hear it maybe in some of my tracks..

Rondo alla Turca /Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/, Turkish March - gypsy jazz guitar version by Peter Luha

Csardas /Vittorio Monti/ - guitar acoustic gypsy jazz version by Peter Luha

Romance - guitar with mandolin, original acoustic instrumental song live - Peter Luha & Jozef Scheiner

Am improvisation with looper - Peter Luha

Flight of the Bumblebee /Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov/ - guitar classical version by Peter Luha

More info: http://www.peterluha.com, more videos on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/pitu1

I'm sending greetings to all of you. :)


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