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Schertler David or Fishman as a PA setup.

jimvencejimvence Austin, TX✭✭
Has anyone every used a Schertler David (or Unico) more for use as a PA set-up? Here's
the situation. I'm curious as to what some of you may recommend. I am looking for
a small room venue PA set-up for Gypsy Jazz, and basically need to support maybe two

For amping my guitar, I have both a Schertler David and a Fishman Loudbox. As mentioned in
another post, I'm using the Fishman for gigging, as the combo of that amp, my guitar and
pre-amp seem to work well, even though the David is a great amp, and with other setups
shines (for example, it sounds great with my nylon string).

I need to rig up a small venue PA, and was thinking of two options. I could utilize the David,
put it up on a speaker stand (it has a stand adapter), and possibly buy a second one for more
volume and sound dispersion. On the other hand, I could go with the Fishman Solo Amp (SA220).

Just curious if any of you utilized the David (one, or two) as a mini-PA for microphones (vocals,
acoustic instruments with no pickups), and do you like the idea of a Schertler David PA, or would
you go with a Fishman or a tower system?


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    Posts: 5,853
    I think the Schertler would work well, but the Unico is really the model you'd want as it has the volume you'd need to fill a larger space. And then you can buy the side speaker to get a stereo PA setup: ... _side.html

    The SA220 is also nice. Has a more "transistory" edge then the ultra warm schertler stuff. But is very convenient and affordable.
  • Joli GadjoJoli Gadjo Cardiff, UK✭✭✭✭ Derecho, Bumgarner - VSOP, AJL
    Posts: 542
    I can't answer for the Schertler, but we have used the Fishman in a similar setting :

    either for just 2 instruments or with more going through a little 4-inputs board.
    It is quite satisfying, and can handle vocals, guitar and violin with either instrument pickup or instrument microphone, even a built-in accordion pickup.
    Occasionally we have also used 2 Fishman amps as "stereo" speakers.
    - JG
  • ronclegggroncleggg New
    Posts: 1
    Well, you've probably already figured it out but in any case the Unico and Side together are great for clear warm sound in a small venue. I use this setup and do like it. it is a mono system however.
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