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Not quite Gypsy Jazz yet not quite Jazz

redbluesredblues ✭✭
edited May 2011 in Repertoire
I have a few albums that fit this description. Namely Pigalle 44 and Reve Boheme. They are swingless. Would like to test the water with other forum members as to how they feel about the not quite genre in gypsy jazz.

Some albums are fantastic, like Bireli's and the recent Romane and Stochelo's albums. The two I mentioned though are hard to listen to compared to actual jazz leads (nothing against rhythm and bass), give me a well played piano and bass versus accordion/sax and Stimered acoustic guitar. I'll just put on Kenny Burrell if I wanted to hear decent jazz guitar.

The last decent album by a manouche player I can recall playing electric with swing was Rocky Grasset a couple of years back. Any further swinging recommendations very welcome.



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