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  • MichaelHorowitz 1:21PM

Today's Birthday


Sent my buddy to La Chope to see Ninine.. PICS!

drollingdrolling New
edited November 2005 in CD, DVD, and Concert Reviews Posts: 153
..he took his wife to Paris for a week so I told him he'd better head over to check out one of my favorite players. My friend's an electric blues guitarist, but of course he was blown away by Ninine, who was there w/Mondine and another player (Rocky?). Told me in a brief e-mail that it was the highlight of his trip.

He sent me a few JPEGS which I'd post if I knew how. Also took some video which I haven't seen (or heard) yet. What a cool & funky little bar... There's that classic photo of Django up on the wall..

Wish I'd been there, too.

Thanks, Michael, for stocking 'My Dream of Love', and Ted for posting a review of this great CD!



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