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not bad steel gypsy jazz strings for Cigano GJ 10

hi guys

I learnt from replies to my earlier post that regular nylon strings that classical players use can be used for gypsy guitars. I have Luthier strings in my flamenco guitar and I think I will try one day my Cigano with nylon Luthier strings. At the moment I would like to put steel strings to my Cigano. I know nothing about brands of gypsy jazz strings. I don't know which ones are of good quality and which ones are of bad quality. Therefore I need your help guys. Can you recommend any brand of steel gypsy jazz strings that would work well with my cigano? I know that Cigano is not top quality instrument and therefore I need strings could ' enhance' good sound from Cigano? Please, recommend strings that could produce nice sound from my Cigano GJ 10. It would be cool if recommended strings were available in Europe. I think I am going to use http://www.thomann.de internet shop for buying strings.



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