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Practicing Gypsy Swing with Djangolizer

edited March 2012 in Welcome Posts: 14
Hi fellows,
I always looked for a easy way, to practice licks and solos over some chords. After a while I had the idea, to create a software, with wich I can practice easily Gypsy Swing. The software is available now for everyone and called "Djangolizer". You can program your own songs (chordprogression) and let it play with a rhythm section, a rhythmguitar and a bass. Djangolizer shows you on a virtual fretboard all the chordnotes, arpeggios and scales you can play over each chord. There are already over 90 standards programmed in the Library. Please check the Demo out on
If you have any questions, statements or suggestions, please post them here.
best regards,


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    This is great, nice way to get ideas out fast. Only just had a 2 minute look but i'm gonna be using it tomorrow.
  • matty42matty42 tyrone, pa✭✭✭
    Posts: 67
    That is so cool! What a great idea. Thanks! :D
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    I optimised my Djangolizer Homepage.
    Now you can read the manual online in english and in german.
    A french manual is coming soon (i hope).

    I'm thinking about new features in Djangolizer.
    I have already many ideas, but if you have any wishes and suggestions, please write them here.
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    I optimised the Djangolizer Homepage and added three links:
    NEWS, Gypsy Swing and Tips&Tricks.

    In Gypsy Swing I write about the music, the difference to the American Jazz and what is important when you want to buy a gypsy guitar.

    In Tips&Tricks I help you to get organized in practising guitar, how Djangolizer can help you with your daily exercises and how you can find out your own licks. :idea:

    I plan to make some improvements to Djangolizer very soon.
    A song delete button and a left hand fretboard will be added.

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    Hi there

    There is a Djangolizer update available now for download. :D
    We included some new features as:

    - Import/Export of a song
    - Import/Export manually of many songs
    - Delete button, for deleting a song from your local library
    - View of the fretboard for lefthanded guitar players

    The download is free for all Djangolizer users. Enjoy 8)
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    Hi guys

    A new version of Djangolizer is out now! :D

    Now you have score view in different keys like C, Bb, Eb, A, F and Bass. The cursor turns blue, to show you, that the chords in the grid are not, what the playback is playing.

    Now you can mute some bars for practicing your timing or to include breaks.

    It's much easier now to compose a song. You can use the key-commands copy/paste, to build your composition. You get default songs with some chord modules for an easy and fast composing.

    The scales are available in all church modes, harmonic minor modes and melodic minor modes.

    I recorded some new chords. I hope they sound ok, because the last ones I recorded 2 years ago.
    and so on...

    Please check out the new Demo Version to get the full picture.

    have fun,
  • Had this for about 6 months now and just love it. So easy to use, you can create a chord progession in no time. Much cleaner sound than a slowed down play along. Turn off the guitar sound and you've got a bass to practice rythmn against.

    One happy customer.
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