Which of these positions is "more gypsy"?

scholziescholzie Rochester, NYNew
edited October 2005 in Technique Posts: 15
I'm transcribing the solo from Jorgenson's amazing version of the Shadows' hit "Man of Mystery" on the album "Franco-American Swing".

I actually started by transcribing the whole main theme and interludes, and the fingering/positions were pretty straightforward. I'm at the solo now, though, and things have become a little more nebulous.

Here are the opening two bars to the solo, played in two different positions. They seem equally as easy (or difficult, really), it's just a matter of tone and figuring out which way is more in-tune (no pun intended) with what the gypsies might play.


Granted, all of those notes can be played pretty much anywhere in the surrounding areas, but these are the two which make the most sense to my untrained fingers.
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