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Looking for a Gypsy Jazz Playing Partner...

crothcroth ✭✭
edited October 2010 in Classifieds Posts: 60

I am a solid intermediate level guitar player who has an interest in gypsy jazz music. I have been playing guitar for many years so I have some reasonable skills, but I'm relatively new to the gypsy genre (though not brand new). I have a very good sense of timing, I know most of the gypsy style chord forms and can play a solid gypsy-style rhythm guitar (le pompe). I am only at the early stages of learning to improvise in the gypsy style however. I am familiar with many of the standard gypsy jazz tunes.

I am looking for a playing partner or partners who are willing to work on this style together informally. If you want a learning partner to cooperatively learn both rhythm and lead, or you like to play lead and need a guy willing to play rhythm for you, or you have the beginnings of a group and need a rhythm player, we should talk.

I live in the Nassau County, Long Island, NY area.

Email me at crothman AT and I'll send you my phone number or you can just send me yours and I will call. Thanks.
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