Bulgarian Gypsy Jazz in Seattle - Ivo Papasov!!!!!!!!!!

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Do not miss this...repeat DO NOT MISS THIS! Once in a lifetime opportunity!

Bulgarian Bebop: Ivo Papasov/Yuri Yunakov Ensemble
Town Hall, Seattle
Wednesday, October 19 , 7:30 PM

Bulgaria’s most famous musicians, Ivo Papasov (clarinet) and Yuri Yunakov (saxaphone) play fast and furious dance music that fuses traditional Bulgarian and Roma tunes with western jazz and rock music. Their unique form, developed in the underground while Bulgaria was still under Soviet influence, took their country by storm, ultimately forcing the government to sanction their work and send them abroad as cultural ambassadors. These legendary musicians have lived continents apart since the fall of Communism, but are coming together for an American tour. Joining them will be fellow Bulgarian virtuosi Neshko Neshev on accordion, and drummer Salif Ali, along with American singer and Bulgarian music expert Carole Silverman. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes. Free pre-concert talk at 6:30 pm by Carole Silverman.


Bulgarian Bebop
Ivo Papasov-Yuri Yunakov Ensemble

October 20: 7:30pm | $16 | Joseph F. Wheeler Theater | Tickets
Fort Worden State Park | Port Townsend, WA


October 20, some of Bulgaria's most famous musicians will come to Centrum as part of a 24-city American tour.

These are four Bulgarian Gypsy musicians who, during Soviet times, started listening to underground tapes of Charlie Parker, Jazz, and Rock. They experimented with Bebop and the electric rock sound of the West, combining these influences with traditional Bulgarian music, inventing a new folk style that took Bulgaria by storm.

Showcasing virtuosic technique, inventive improvisation, rapid tempos, daring key changes, and eclectic musical literacy including Turkish and Indian music, their music was outlawed by the Soviets. But the music fans of Bulgaria quickly fell in love with their new sound and the group often played to crowds to 10,000 or more while the Soviets looked on with despair.

"Their Bulgarian wedding music, played first thing in the morning, provides thorough and long-lasting attitude adjustment for the busy executive." - Frank Zappa

Bulgarian students in the '70s looked to these musicians somewhat as American students followed cult Rock bands. Their music retained a Bulgarian folk tradition but it came to embody freedom of expression valued in the west. Eventually, the government had to sanction their concerts and even endorsed their music, sending them around the world as musical diplomats.

The tour and new CD Together Again features a historic reunion of these superstars of what came to be called “Bulgarian wedding music": Ivo Papasov, Yuri Yunakov, Neshko Neshev, and Salif Ali with Kalin Kirilov and Carol Silverman.

"Once again, Papasov has his band as well as the listener holding onto the tail of a tiger in this incendiary romp through traditional dance styles given a contemporary facelift." - Downbeat
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