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Horn pick makes aweful clicking noise

Yesterday I bought my first pick for playing the guitar manouche style. Of course they didn't have Wegen picks at the guitar shop, so I chose a Pickboy Exoctic Horn pick, stupidly enough without trying it first.
I'm really digging the shape and the feel of it, but when it contacts the strings it creates really weird overtones.
Is this normal? They also offer Ebony and Bone picks. Will these sound more smooth? Or is it just my bad technique? Or just the fault of the material, or the poor quality of the brand?


  • Tele295Tele295 San Buenaventura (Latcho Drom), CA✭✭✭ Gitane DG300, D500
    Posts: 629
    Dig in a little more, and adjust your angle. These thick picks (including Wegens) are inherently clickly, and a soft touch reduces the balance between fundamental and pick sound
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  • HCQHCQ Northeast NJ✭✭✭
    Posts: 218
    I use bone, horn and Wegen picks. I the bone and horn picks that re made for Big City Strings. With either pick, I hold the pick paralell to the strings so it really does not strike along the pick's edge very much. this way the sound you described is minmized. I agree with Tele295's advice.

    This makes for a stronger sounding note. Pick preferences can vary a bit from player to player.

    I think the bone picks give a slightly grainy sound. When they start to wear in a bit, its almost like the pick acts a bit like a bow like the ones used on other instruments. Its a subtle effect. On some Django recordings, you can hear a similar scratch or chirp=like noise of the pick on the strings. You can polish bone with very fine sandpaper every now and then.

    I like the bone picks in that they are brighter sounding in general and the overal tone response on the wound strings. Sounds great with my Favino style Dell Arte I recently purchased.

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