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  • DeuxDoigts_Tonnerre 12:46AM

New Dell' Arte Dark Eyes

I've spent the past few days practicing and never really gave my new guitar a "thorough once-over". I noticed how incredible the engleman spruce top looks. While the guitar is "new", it's been sitting in the glass case for a number of years where I bought it. The color of the top has really mellowed over the years with lots of silking. I've got a number of high end guitars but this is by far the nicest engleman top I've come across. This one was made by John Kinnard. He really chose some top quality wood for this one!



  • where did you buy that if I may ask, I hope not Chicago....because that is one nice guitar.
    as a wise man once said "shut up and play yer guitar"!

    Frank Zappa
  • Got it at Hogeye Music in Evanston. Very sweet deal (just a few hundred over cost). It was sitting there for a number of years, apparently waiting for me to buy it.
  • I called about that guitar after finding it here for the first time 2 days ago, I have been looking for that guitar for 2 weeks but never heard of hogeye til 2 days ago, I live 5 hrs from it.

    I guess your lucky I didn't find it sooner, congratulations!

    imagine that over 5 years it was there, and in the last 2 weeks they could have sold it twice.

    I guess it was meant for you , and I was meant for another. Good luck.
    as a wise man once said "shut up and play yer guitar"!

    Frank Zappa
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