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Greetings Gypsy jazzers!

Video Archive: I've put up three new free video clips. These include some very rare performances by Boulou and Matelo Ferret, Jimmy Rosenberg, and a rare fingerstyle performance by Bireli Lagrene. See:

Audio Archive: I've put a new audio clip of the great German Gypsy guitarists Lulu Reinhardt and Han'sche Weiss. See:

CDs: New CD titles this month are,

Marc Atkinson Trio: III

Gypsy Pacific: Wela


Books: Robin Nolan Gypsy Jazz Licks, Vol.1


Guitar Lessons: Advanced Rhythm Techniques


Gibson Johnny Smith: Gorgeous 1985 Anniversary Edition Gibson Johnny Smith guitar for sale. Bought from, set up, and signed by Johnny Smith himself! For more details see:

Workshops: I'll be giving the following Gypsy Jazz workshops,

September 17th: Gypsy Picking Workshop and Gypsy Rhythm Workshop at Dusty Strings in Seattle. Call 206-634-1662 or <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> to sign up.

September 30-October 2: I'll be giving three workshops at DjangoFest NW

Gypsy Picking

Gypsy Rhythm

Unaccompanied Django

If you're interested in signing up call (360) 221-8268, (800) 638-7631 or <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. Classes are filling up fast!

For updates or questions please visit my Gypsy Jazz Forum. See:

Keep playing!

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