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Django's Tiger with Hot Club de Norwege

bluetrainbluetrain Finland✭✭✭ Barault, Cach, Epiphone Triumph 1956
edited January 2010 in Gypsy Fire

I've been listening a lot of Jimmy Rosenberg's record "Django's Tiger (swinging with Hot Club de Norwege)" from Spotify and I understood that you play solo guitar on that record as well. I love the record!!.. very swinging playing with the whole band. What guitar are you using on that record? If I had to do a blindfold test I wouldn't be able to say which is your soloing and which is Jimmy Rosenbergs.. Now that I know that your playing is panned on the right channel I have to say that I thought it was the other way around..

By the way, I heard your gig with two finnish players Raul Mannola and Timo Lehto here in Tampere about one year ago. Any plans coming here again in next year?

Tomi Kettunen


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