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Stochelo in his trailer lick

beavertoofbeavertoof nashville, tnNew
edited December 2009 in Licks and Patterns
Has anyone transcribed this solo stuff Stochelo is doing from this video?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWQXAuhs ... re=related

Is this a composed piece or an improv?

Especially want to learn the intro lick from the start to about :09 where it appears to end on a G chord. Alot of the rest of it is way above my ability.

It looks like some type of repeating descending pattern for a bit, maybe with some sweeps... followed by a series of single notes rapid fire, then what I think is a simple open G chord.

Just wondering has already worked this out and would share? I love this thing and could maybe get close if I had my computer/YouTube where I practice.


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