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Pick Direction in Improvisation 5

JanMJanM Vienna, AustriaNew
edited July 2009 in Unaccompanied Django
Hi Michael, I have a lot of fun with the Unaccompanied Django, I learned the Improvisation 3, second Part, and work on the 5 now. At the same time, I keep practising the Gypsy Picking excercises and am convinced, as you say, that this technique is very effective. However:

In Improvisation 5, measure 23 (and many similar situations) - is it really better to play the 4th note with a downstroke? I practise it very patiently, but have yet to discover the sense it probably makes, other than there's this rule about downstroke on a new string.

In measure 25 you downstroke 2 fast consecutive notes on one string - why?

Thank you!

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