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Gypsy strings and neck action?

I don't have a gypsy jazz guitar but I am learning gypsy jazz on my acoustic. Right now it has 12-56 strings with about 3/32-4/32" action at the 12th fret. For the most part I can alternate pick quite fast on the guitar. But seems I have to work extra hard. How would you recommend I set up my guitar to best practice? Should I get lighter strings? If so, what kind and is there an issue with putting gypsy jazz strings on a regular acoustic?

Advice on string action (i.e. string height) is also appreciated.




  • Posts: 101
    If you do not have enough money for a Cigano you can still try to reproduce the feeling of a gypsy guitar on your acoustic.
    At the beginning I did it too :D
    I recommend the Galli Silk and steel 11-47. And you should have at least 2.5mm to 4.5 mm action at you 12th fret.
    I do not recommend argentines stings on your acoustic. It would make it cry (in the bad way) way too high pitch for an acoustic (I think).
    Also, do not under estimate a good pick. A Wegen Gypsy pick 3.5mm a fat pick especially because you will start by la pompe.
    Of course this will not give you a close idea an how a gypsy jazz guitar sounds and plays but... Gypsy jazz guitars are more exigent but they reward the exigence by plenty. :wink:
  • bhuetherbhuether New
    Posts: 10
    Thanks for the tip. Sounds like my string height is ok then.

    Just learned La Gitane. But am hoping the lighter gauge will make it easier to play and consistently nail all the technical parts.


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