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Holding the pick

swingitanswingitan New
edited July 2005 in Gypsy Picking
Hi and thanks for your book!
I'm using it since a few months now and if i agree with the gravity hands and evry things else i think i must pinch the pick a litle more stronger than you did cause i have no sound and at fast tempi i can't do "sweeping" because i drop the pick or it is constantly moving between my thumb and my first joint....can i play fast this way (pinch the pick harder like tchavolo schmitt)?


  • MichaelHorowitzMichaelHorowitz SeattleAdministrator
    it's OK to put a little pressure on the pick for a brief moment...just as you hit the string. But you must relax immediately afterwards. Avoid pinching (i.e. using the tip of your thumb to hold the pick). This will result in uneccesary muscle tension. As it says in the book...use the center of your thumb. Most every Gypsy does this because it's more relaxed.

    Good luck!

  • So i'm right!
    That's the way!I relax after each stroke but when i hit the string i have a firm grip on the pick.
    Thanks, i'll put a little video soon so you'll be able to say more advises about my playing.
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