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Achieving Neck Independence

alehrmanalehrman Twin Cities, MinnesotaNew
edited June 2009 in Gypsy Fire
Hi Andreas,

I just discovered this website after sending you that email through youtube...this place is pretty cool! My question is probably one that gets brought up a lot, but I'm curious about what you have to say. I constantly get stuck in "boxes" on the guitar...that is to say my fingers are limiting how I express myself. I talked to Richard Davis about this, but the best he could do was refer me to Barry Harris or Bill Dobbins "The Contemporary Jazz Pianist" books. While they are both great teachers, and I have Dobbins book and it is great for advancing theory, I am curious to know if you know of any books, videos, teachers, etc that could help me get out of the "boxes." Thanks so much for your time.



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