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Chords For Chega de Saudade

bjornoricobjornorico The NetherlandsNew Altamira M01
edited May 2009 in Repertoire Posts: 19
Hi gypsy jazz fans im bjornorico and new to this site
are there people here who has the chords for Chega de Chaudade as played by the rosenberg trio i hope someone can help me thanx in advance


  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,911
    Hi Bjorno,

    Just do a Google Image search and you'll turn up several versions of sheet music you can use...

    Here's what it turns up when you do that:

  • bjornoricobjornorico The NetherlandsNew Altamira M01
    Posts: 19
    Wow Thanks Jack but where can i find the chord voicings

    Greets From Bjornorico
  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 1,911
    You can find a good variety of chord voicings here and here. Just move them to the right position for the key you're playing in, and have fun!

  • Posts: 18
    I play this accompaniment mostly around the fifth position using more-or-less standard voicings and trying to keep chromatic movement in the bass as much as possible, e.g. for Em7b5 I use the voicing with the b5 in the bass (6x575x) which leads smoothly to A7b9 (5x5656 or 6x565x). The only unusual chord I see is B7b13/D# (x6788x).

    I should also remark that the accompaniment for the Rosenberg Trio version is much easier than that for most Brazilian versions of the song, since the chords are simplified and the rhythm is simpler than the highly syncopated rhythms used by Brazilian fingerstyle players.
  • bjornoricobjornorico The NetherlandsNew Altamira M01
    Posts: 19
    Hi do you have a accompaniment for the rosenberg trio thats the one i am
    lollking for thanks in advance

    Greetings from Holland
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