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Are there any Gypsy Jazz meetup groups in Central Florida?

gumby705gumby705 Mount Dora, Floridaâś­âś­
edited May 2009 in Gypsy Jazz 101
Does anyone know of a Gypsy Jazz meetup group (people who are interested in learning, playing and promoting gypsy jazz playing) in Central Florida/Orlando. I know of a recording/performance group in Orlando, but that is as close as we get as I am aware. There are plenty of good flatpickers and classical guitarists but I am not sure if they have leanings towards Gypsy Jazz.
I hear there are groups on both Florida coasts, but I rather keep it local.
Many of us have day job as well. I am relatively new to the genre so I may not be the best choice to lead one up.
Mike Baker
Mt. Dora, FL
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