Minor Swing Tab?

bhuetherbhuether New
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I am trying to find tab for Django's Minor Swing as performed on

Djangology 49

I have found tab for his more common rendition, but I like the phrasing in this version better.

Tab for Moreno and Marina Quartet's rendition would be even better (that is my favorite rendition I have heard).




  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
    Posts: 2,105
    wow brian! we used to correspont 10 yrs ago or so! It's Denis from Montreal

    here's the minor swing tab you're looking for transcribed by yours truly ;-)
  • FransFrans The Netherlands✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 53
    Hi Dennis,
    what happened to your tabs on the Fleche D'Or website ? will you post ever again ?
    thanks and kind regards (great DVD's by the way)
  • I think that TAB can be found for all 3 major versions of DJangos Minor swing solos. Dennis is to thank for at least 1 of them ... and maybe more than 1.
    Jon Austen, Portland, OR
    playing since 1997
  • bhuetherbhuether New
    Posts: 10
    Dennis - good to hear from you! I remember you were the one that made me aware of gypsy jazz. You had sent me some tab showing the odd picking technique. I still wonder about the technique. I mean I can alternate pick as fast as Birelli, etc but I don't see how I could possibly pick that fast using the gypsy technique.

    Anyway, I decided to learn some gypsy jazz songs on my acoustic using technique I am familiar with. After that maybe I will approach it traditionally. I just learned La Gitane (DeBarre version) and now am learning Minor Swing (Django version), Nuages (Rosenberg trio version) and Acoustic Moments (Birelli version). I'll probably make a recording this weekend of where I am at with La Gitane and maybe you can take a listen.

    That is great that you pursued this style of music and really found a home for yourself. Gypsy jazz seems pretty big out in this area (I am in Monterey, CA), especially San Francisco. You should pay a visit to this part of the country if you get a chance. Maybe you can play with Hot Club San Francisco.


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