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Is there more footage

edited June 2010 in History Posts: 67
I was just watching the clip from the 1932 film Clair de Lune on youtube and saw this comment on it:

''The footage of Django is a bit wanting but the soundtrack more than makes up for this, wow! Next we need to find the TV broadcasts Django and Stephane made in Britain after the War.''

Does anyone know anything about these broadcasts? Also would they have been recorded at all as I gather that most shows went out live and weren't recorded in the early days of TV, although this is post war suposedly, so maybe...

On the Django in Solitaire CD there are 2 improvised guitar choruses that were supposed to have been recorded from a live radio broadcast in 1937 (correct if not correct), so hope springs eternal.

Here's the link to the clair de lune clip by the way. I've been working this out this morning, its got quite a funky ragtime feel to it.


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