Norgard's "Getting into Gypsy jazz Violin"?



  • clausciclausci RomaNew
    Posts: 82
    Hi to all , i didnt want to say the mine to this topic, and to the book.
    I agree a lot with Danny also if i am a violinist. The thing for me is gone like this: ive seen the book for sale here and so searched something to listen about Martin Norgaard, and after that i realzied things about Danny was talking about, so i think that he is right.
    I also agree with djangadjo for the topic of the vibrate, lots of kind yes, but definitly Effrosse hasda great vibrate, such as Warlop, cause they had a great sound, and also a great speed of vibrate, and of playng of course.
    I think of Martin that is far away from gypsy jazz from the few that ive heard, thats all.
    Not because is classical, because maybe classical approach or gypsy (trad), or most better, Traditional violin approach is more close to gj than other type of jazz/modern jazz.
    Also Kliphuis is classical trained if im not wrong, but he can play swing.
    Also the lyrism of Grappelli (first records) has not so much to do for example with the playng of Lockwood or Ponty i think.
    Of course swing and improvisation are in common but i want to say that Grappelli played the Violin, Swing Violin, instead modern jazz players have started to search about creating suonds similar to saxophone or other wind instruments for their phrasing, including amplification and other things, lot of bowing questions , difficulties etc...also different from the Grappelli style (and often very far from the style of the period).
    So the difference is strictly "violinistic".
    this is, obviously, IMHO.
  • clausciclausci RomaNew
    Posts: 82
    dennis wrote:
    btw one last thing, to sum everything i've said, i think most people trying to play jazz sound very stiff, they play all the right notes, right rhythms, but yet sound really stiff, it's all in the articulations!

    check this video out, she sounds good of course, but it's a perfect example of what i'm trying to say:

    what's interesting is that she's quoting a lot of grappelli, but it doesn't have the same looseness as grappelli

    Agreed. the solo is exactly note x note.
  • djangadjodjangadjo NebraskaNew
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    "...he's merely showing general improvisation concepts (as opposed to getting us started into gypsy jazz violin) ... I hope to be able to release others with more modern players such as didier lockwood, ponti, etc..."

    I'm looking forward to the DVDs on Lockwood, Ponti, etc.
    87 Rue de Dunkerque: "The bow must go up and down."
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