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  • DarrenKingUK 6:25PM
  • larryl 6:25PM

My top 5 Django Reinhardt Solo's video on Youtube.

edited May 2008 in Repertoire

Made this video above, it are 5 Django Solo's which I think are his best.
Enjoy ! :D


  • I love the Manoir de mes reves solo (and song in general). I think it's basically on the top of my list to figure out once I actually get good enough :D
  • Lol, I figured out the first bar a few weeks ago. Here it is (u can use it)

  • num3ricnum3ric Montreal, Quebec, CanadaNew
    Aaah, I had never heard the Manoir solo before, I love it! And the sound quality (clarity) is great! It has also become "on the top of my list to figure out". :D
  • ShawnShawn Valley Center, Kansas‚ú≠‚ú≠‚ú≠‚ú≠
    Hey guys, here is a powetab transcription of the entire solo on Manoir De Mes Reves. I saved it to my computer, as I believe it was originally on Denis's website. It's one of my favorite solo's as well.

  • I've also always loved the Cavalerie solo, and think that was probably one of the main ones that made me want to start playing this music.

    does anybody have the cavelerie solo, I realy liked that one to. (its a bit more simpler)
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