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Bassist in Portland

WowBobWowWowBobWow Another Time & SpaceNew
edited May 2008 in Bass
Hi ~

I'm sad to report one of our bassist's moved away and is now living in Portland. The good news is he is looking for bands to play with and for any gigs. I felt he deserves a post here in case anyone in his area would appreciate having his info. He's a great reader, an traditional root & fifth /walking player, never misses a gig, and is always up for playing for hours at a time.

He has a B.A in Music, and is very open to discussing theory & concepts. He is also a multi-instrumentalist (can play drums, banjo, guitar--can play Jorgeson's F.A Swing note for note--solo & lead)

His email address is:

<!-- e --><a href="mailto:gerald_leroy@yahoo.com">gerald_leroy@yahoo.com</a><!-- e -->

Below are some recent clips we made with him (for a sample of his bass playing)

Thanks & Best Wishes,


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