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Moreno model Manouche guitar for sale

nicksansonenicksansone Amsterdam, The Netherlands✭✭✭✭
edited February 2009 in Classifieds
Moreno Manouche guitar for sale, oval hole style. Pictures follow below, but these models are quite popular and can be seen at the manouche guitars website. I believe that the Moreno style models are not in production anymore, and this one is really quite well made. It has a clear aftermarket pickguard, and is in excellent condition. If you haven't played the manouche guitars before, they are very loud, easy to play and have a very strong gypsy tone; certainly one of the best deals for someone looking for a moderately priced guitar which sounds better than the Gitanes. Included in the purchase price is a Stimer replica pickup and patch chord; everything you need to get set up for playing this music live. 1,500 plus shipping.


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